Sport Developement Division


To provide excellent and latest service to all residents of Kuantan who use MPK sports facilities and services.

Client's Charter

a) Manage bookings and maintenance of sports and recreational facilities for the convenience of the consumers.
b) Organize sports and recreational activities all year long according to the schedule provided.
c) Cooperate with sports associations for the sports development.


In the beginning, the Sports Division was only a small unit under the administration of the Department of Public Relations. In 1995, the state government gave Indera Mahkota Youth Complex to MPK to be managed. Since it was a big responsibility for the Sports Unit, it was upgraded to the Sports Division. In 1997, the Pahang Sports Complex (SUKPA) was given to MPK to be managed in whole. Since MPK has comprehensive sports facilities with international standards, the role of the Sports Division also expanded. Other than providing facilities, the Sports Division also organised sports activities such as Municipal Cup Competition, Traditional Games and Internal Sports for MPK's staff.

The Sports Division also has good relationship with those who often use the sports facilities such as Pahang Sports Council, Department of Youth and Sports as well as sports associations. The Sports Division also provides advice relating to sports activities to government agencies, the private sectors and other external parties. The Sports Division also does promotional work to ensure that all facilities are fully used by the public. The role of the Sports Division is important because MPK is the only body who owns comprehensive and modern sports facilities in Kuantan.


a) Improve the quality of MPK's sports facilities.
b) Foster close relationship between the public and the council through involvement in sports activities.
c) Manage sports activities, providing equipment and advice to customers.
d) Improve the existing sports facilities which are an income source for the council.